Become a Deaf Hero:

The International Deaf Emergency responds to emergencies for deaf the community in the world. Your valued time is a consistent and reliable source of human resource that helps to ensure that we continue to respond whenever and wherever we are needed.

Ways to Volunteer in Deaf Community
Become a Volunteer
There are many ways you can volunteer with Deaf community.
We are always looking for people with various backgrounds, talents, and skill levels.
Become an Advocate
Help us to support the international deaf Emergency cause by showing your support through donations, sponsorship, fundraising opportunities and/or spreading the world (i.e., social media)Obtain from
Become a Board Member
Share your invaluable talents and resources with the International Deaf Emergency.

What We Do :

We not only work with you to save lives through our international volunteering programs but also do a lot more!

We have built permanent homes for refugees. We have caregivers that live with the refugees including children, 24/7, to give them the best of care with the use sign language.

We go beyond the limits of helping the deaf community to include women, children, orphans, and other disabilities.

We have gone to Haiti to help them live better by building schools with deaf classes in which sign language is provided for everyone including the hearing inhabitants.

We give clean water, food, shelter, and counselling to local Deaf Community after disasters.

The International Deaf Emergency offers advocacy services to the Deaf Community who constantly face sexual abuse, human trafficking, missing persons, and other crimes that target such persons. This why we work with counsellors to help our kids reach their full potential.

International Training & Certification

Take a training courses on Disaster Management to increase your chances of becoming an International Volunteer!

The International Deaf Emergency relies on volunteers to prevent and alleviate human suffering. In the face of an emergency, Volunteers make up 90 percent of the Disaster workforce and make it possible to respond to major disasters every year.

Disaster volunteers are engaged in :

- Provision preparedness services and information such as collection, analysis, management and use of first hand-data prior to disasters and assist victims towards their recovery.
- Updating of the vulnerable communities with timely disaster risk information to minimise impacts.
- Evaluation and recording of disaster losses and their economic impact which serves as a guide for the margin of aid needed.
Join us to Leave Your Mark on The World
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IDE works to provide humanianarian protection and assistance for Deaf people in the wake of diasters, and to ensure full communication access at all times.

This site serves as information resources regarding our mission.


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