Who We Are

International Deaf Emergency, Inc., (IDE) ,is a non-profit organization in the United States of America (USA) as well as an International Disabled Peoples’ Organization (DPO) being run by Deaf persons in majority and is recognized as an International Member of the World Deaf Federation (WFD) that has direct consultative status with the United Nations (UN). IDE’s mission is to bridge the language, communication and relationship gaps between persons who are or with difficulty in hearing and to offer emergency services in areas not limited (i) pre- disaster prepardness and mitigation, (ii) rescue and relief in the context of disaster and (iii) post disaster rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery.

What We Do


Classes were provided to Deaf communities in the world to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters thus helping save lives and livelihoods.


Deaf humanitarian camp for 400 Earthquake Survivors; 100 tents, military beds, 100 tarpaulins, toilets and shower rooms.


168 Housing Units, each with a garden and an outhouse; a community water filter and 100 solar power lights.


9 businesses for both men and women, boutique, educational tools, sports equipment, phones and laptops.


High-level meetings attended (EU and UN) in ensuring the human and legal rights of Deaf people and other disabilities are promoted and protected to ensure quick recovery during disasters phases.

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IDE works to provide humanianarian protection and assistance for Deaf people in the wake of diasters, and to ensure full communication access at all times.

This site serves as information resources regarding our mission.


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